The Baute Laceador Progressivo

A natural hair relaxer

Ideal for :

  • Curly Virgin hair: ¬†Girls and youngsters that want to avoid quemical relaxers
  • Processed hair : Extremely damaged hair to prolong periods between hair relaxing processes.
  • Chemically sensitive scalps.

The Baute Laceador Progressivo can be applied every time you wash your head. Remember this hair relaxer is a deep treatment that you have to use for 10 minutes in a hair dryer with a plastic
hair cap on your head, and then you have to use plenty of water to take out all hair relaxer, and then use the conditioner .

This product is perfect for hair relaxing processes or for dry hair because it moisturizes your hair.

These would be the steps to follow:

  1. You will wash the head using shampoo (preferably Baute Shampoo )
  2. Then you apply the Baute Laciador Progressivo for 10 minutes with a plastic hair cap on the top of your head. In this step you can also put in the dryer for 5 minutes, but with a plastic hair cap on your head.Note : DO NOT use much hair relaxer because it is highly concentrated, always wear what your hair needs .
  3. Then you have to use plenty of water to take out all hair relaxer.
  4. Uses a rinse or conditioner (preferably Baute Conditioner)
  5. Comb you hair as you want (user hair rollers, blower it or as desired)

This process you can do it weekly and you will notice how your hair will be hydrated, giving life and shine to your hair, and you will see the change in your hair from the first time you use it.

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