About Us

We are a company established in the state of Florida, USA, which is based mainly on sale and distribution of Baute products.

Baute Hair Natural Beauty Products has an exceptional tropicalized formulation and bio-degradable organic, scientifically developed to a real and effective beautification and good health of all types of hair exposed to chemicals, harsh climate and enviroment.

Beaute includes a series of final products with brightly natural formulations that guarantee a healthy and effective solution regarding the users needs against external aggresions.

Naturally derivated elements (food grade) supplied by the most pretigious labs around the world, are applied to cautiously elaborated formulas by the Baute Investigation and Development Unit, supervised by proffesional stylists and estrict technical controls, and under the highest quality standards to satisfy a highly demanding consumer.

Those products has been created in a specialized lab with proven formulas that offer results against damaging conditions that may affect the hair strand and scalp. Problems may be caused anywhere from shampoos and deep treatments used to straighten, hydrate, and restructure hair, to the prevention and control of hair loss, dandruff, and grease.

In addition to its UVA + UVB filter which covers the hair with a thin layer, Baute has products for after sun exposure that repair the hair capillary structure from within, with a rich formula of honey, propolis, coconut, silicones, minerals and other natural ingredients that will make your hair look healthy and beautiful. Welcome to a world of beauty !!!


With Baute Products my hair has a new life !!!.

– Sarah Jones

Baute Products company has given me what they are offering, care for my hair.


– Hazel G Stores